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custom vanity mirrorCustom Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors are an excellent addition to any bathroom, reflecting light and adding depth to highlight and enhance your space.

Bathrooms can significantly differ in area and arrangement. Additionally, vanities can come in a variety of shapes and depths, and are often stuck in a corner or against a less central wall. All of this makes it harder to find just the right bathroom mirror, hence the need for customization.

Vanity mirrors are generally sold in only a few sizes, with basically no options for edging or glass style. We make it easy to choose exactly what you want, from beveled edges to frosted or specialty glass finishes.

We know how much time and effort you have put into the design of your home. Why settle for something less than ideal? Beauty is in the details, and we give you the freedom to choose every single one!

custom wall mirrorsCustom Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors add a great design element to any room, but are especially useful for expanding narrow rooms, poorly lit hallways and tight nooks. When strategically placed, wall mirrors invite in additional light and the illusion of open spaces. Put a wall mirror at a right angle to your windows to maximize that open feeling. A wall-to-wall installation involves measuring a mirror to perfectly fit one entire wall, from edge to edge. For a short-of-wall installation, the customer provides the basic measurements in order to receive a quote; however, prior to installation, a Reflective Glass & Mirror professional would need to get the final measurements.

custom gym and dance studio mirrorsCustom Gym and Dance Studio Mirrors

Reflective Glass & Mirror offers gym and dance mirrors of nearly any custom-cut shape, size and thickness. We recommend 1/4″ clear mirror for exercise rooms.

The key to any gym or exercise room is that you want it to be inviting enough that you will be drawn to it on a daily basis. Our quality true-reflection mirror glass can be customized and styled for a perfect fit and becomes the focal point of any exercise room.

Ever wonder why you look better in your favorite designer store’s mirror or your fancy gym’s mirror? That’s because they use ultra-clear mirrors. The glass that is used in this type of mirror contains less iron, which eliminates the natural green tint from the glass. The result? A true, unhindered reflection that is unsurpassed in quality and presentation.

We specialize in gym mirror fabrication and installation for:

  • Commercial and residential gyms.
  • Yoga studios.
  • Pilates studios.
  • Ballet studios.
  • Dance studios.
  • Martial arts studios.
  • Spas.

beveled edge mirrorsBeveled Edge Mirrors

A beveled mirror works in many rooms. Custom beveled mirrors add a touch of elegance above a sideboard, in a dining room, over a fireplace or in a formal living room or library. With or without frames, they easily blend with the decor of the room in which they’re placed without dominating it. Beveling is normally applied to mirrors that serve as a focal point in the room.

Frameless beveled mirrors are a wonderful choice in an entryway, dining room or bathroom, because beveled mirrors don’t need an extra frame. Beveled edges give the mirror a frame-like look without weighing it down with a heavy wood or metal frame. This results in an impressive, decorative mirror that blends easily with any scheme.

The bevel around a mirror can range in size from 1/4 of an inch to 1 ½” inches. You can also have the edges of the mirror polished to create a sleek, finished look.

standoff mirror systemStandoff Mirror System

There are several ways to mount your mirror whether it is a bathroom vanity mirror, entrance mirror, dining room mirror, living room mirror or your work out mirror.

Custom Mirror with Standoff Bases is a way to have a frameless floating mirror look, they are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate any design with a beveled edge or non-beveled edge. Stand-off hardware is available in a variety of finishes as well to match other fixtures. Each Mirror is custom sized for your project.

frosted edge mirrorsFrosted Edge Mirrors

Reflective Glass & Mirror can create custom etched and sandblasted designs on any mirror to achieve dazzling beauty and personal touch. Uniquely designed Bar mirrors will make a room special and create family unity with a personal design touch. Mirrors always create a sense of more space in addition to reflecting light, making any room feel larger and brighter and bringing positive energy to the space. Dark rooms often feel small and closed in and will benefit from the addition of a mirror. We can etch, sandblast, carve glass, sculpt, and back paint glass to create one of a kind unique designs to enhance your décor and truly make a statement!

bevel strips mirrorsBevel Strips Mirrors

Beveled strips are mirror cut in strips, to add to existing mirror a framed look, (framed in mirror). It can give your plain mirror an instant update. Adding bevel strips can hide chips along the bottom of the mirror that may occur from years of water damage. This is a creative way to change the look of your mirror without spending a fortune. Framing a mirror in regular frame molding is gorgeous in itself, but bevel strips are an inexpensive alternative. Reflective Glass & Mirror can add beveled strips to your existing mirror on your wall, without ever removing the mirror. This is a quick and easy install and will take your room from boring to elegant. If you have a mirrored wall, and you think it looks plain, but love the fact that it opens up the room, add bevel strips! We provide strips in different thickness so you are sure to find what you like.

custom foyer mirrorsCustom Foyer Mirrors

The entryway is the first room anyone sees upon entering your home. It should be welcoming to guests and an introduction to your style. Since entryways are also a smaller area of a home, custom foyer mirrors, scaled and styled for a perfect fit, open up space, bring in inviting light and make those first impressions count.

We make it easy for you to customize the perfect mirror for your space while in the comfort of your own home. You specify the size, shape and number of mirror panels, plus choose your edge and glass style to create a unique look. From a beveled-edge square to a flat rectangular mirror, there are many ways to customize your mirrors. Why spend hours searching for the perfect foyer mirror, only to settle for something you don’t love in the end? Let us partner with you to create the perfect focal point for your foyer.

antique mirrorsAntique Mirrors

Antique mirrors are a great way to add an old-world look and feel to any project.

Strategically placed on a wall, an antique mirror in a beautifully carved frame becomes an elegant piece of artwork. Reimagine your living room in vintage fashion. Strong designs, like an entire wall of antique mirrored tiles, can provide a rich, dramatic feel.

Choose from our wide selection of antiqued mirror panels, or let one of our glass professionals help you choose the right design. We can also apply antique mirrors to furniture, including antique night stands, vintage dressers, wardrobes and chairs.

custom fireplace mirrorsCustom Fireplace Mirrors

It’s easier and more economical to customize the perfect mirror rather than to spend hours shopping in store after store for the right size and style mirror for your fireplace wall. It’s a pursuit that often ends with settling for something that you don’t love. We offer custom sizes and mood-setting tints in addition to clear glass and special-edge cuts and polishes that will showcase your style.

We can help you enhance your mantle wall with a custom, overhead fireplace mirror, scaled and styled for a perfect fit. Let us partner with you to create the perfect focal point for your fireplace mantle.

Mirror Closet Doors

Mirror closet doors are designed to enhance both residential and commercial interiors. Choose from folding bi-fold, sliding bypass or overlay doors to custom finish any closet opening. There’s a design to fit every décor. If the room is small, sliding mirror closet doors will give the illusion of space. At the same time, mirrored closet doors eliminate the need for bureau mirrors and full-length mirrors that are often mounted behind traditional swing doors.

  • Bi-Fold Framed: Dual-folding panels let you fully open up your closet. Choose from framed or unframed styles.
  • Sliding Framed: Aluminum- or steel-framed sliding doors are available in a variety of decorative finishes to compliment your home.
  • Sliding and Bi-fold Frameless: Frameless mirrors create uninterrupted reflections. Frameless Closet Mirrors add to the beauty and refined appearance.

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